Ignorance, Drunkenness or Racism?

  At the pub yesterday: I am nursing my glass of  Belgian beer,  Latin rap (yes, it exists) is playing in the background. Caucasian male sitting next to me, to the bar tender: “Whats this music? its kind of offensive, don’t you have The Rolling Stones or something?” Bartender: “I’m sorry but the theme for… Read more

P Sainath delivers The Inaugural Maharaj Kaul Memorial Lecture at UC Berkeley

Pay-to-print”: How Media Corruption Undermines Indian Democracy   Was the title of P Sainath’s illuminating speech about the dangerous undermining of the 4th estate of india by corrupt practices. Maharaj Kaul (1940 – 2009), a UC Berkeley alum, was a tireless campaigner against injustice and for peace, founder of groups such as India Relief and… Read more

Concluding remarks- Hitler’s faith

This is the second part and conclusion of Hitler’s faith and the church, you can read part one here.[click] Darwin’s theories were new, radical and changed the world and shifted many an equation. They resulted in new thinking, great advances in science and towards a greatly improved understanding of the world. They also lead to… Read more