The Binayak Sen Digest -1

Below are some of the best writing on the web on the Binayak sen judgement, for and against. Text in Bold is  for emphasis. The case of the good Doctor By Rakesh Shukla: an advocate at the Supreme Court of India. A look at the trial court judgment convicting Dr Binayak Sen illustrates the hazards… Read more

Smiling with love and Wikileaks Link special

With his usual incisive freshness, ben meyers has written a beautiful theses couple – “On Smiling and sadness” and ” on Joy” When the church’s theological rejection of sadness was secularised, sadness became a pathology requiring medical intervention. The medicalisation of sadness is the final cultural triumph of the Protestant smile. If Luther or Kierkegaard… Read more

Stuff I linked to from twitter last week Project gaydar, MIT project tells you if your facebook friends prove you gay Kurt Vonnegut explains drama Indian youth are the most hopeful and happy in the world. My moms not going to like this. Very tough law, hope India doesn’t pass: France Passes Tough Internet Piracy Bill Rediscovered a… Read more