The ultimate guide to telemedicine policies and problems in India

This post originally appeared on Karana's blog , this iteration has a TOC, more references and has been edited to make things clearer. Many of these updates especially the footnotes were due to Dr. Verghese Thomas's comments. Introduction This post builds on the questions that were raised in the talk: Telemedicine Policies and Standards in India , [...]

Video of the talk Telemedicine Policies and Standards in India

Dr. Gowri Kulkarni addresses doctor attitudes and components of practicing telemedicine, Jasmine George of Hidden Pockets speaks of patient experiences, experiences with seeking sexual and reproductive health online and access to safe abortions using telemedicine. Everything I said is reproduced and augmented in an earlier post on telemedicine policies in India. Here I will point [...]


I heard the term “outercourse’ for the first time in college. We were in a consultation room and in walks a resident to discuss a case with the prof. He says “sir patient has done outercourse and wants to take ipill”. The prof gave him a lecture about how you don't have to discuss every [...]

Our basic nature

"It is one of my fundamental beliefs that not only do we inherently posses the potential for compassion but I believe  that the basic or underlying nature of human beings is gentleness. —[Tenzin Gyatso the 14th Dalai Lama] For most of my life, I have held that man is essentially a base, angry, hurtful animal. Gentleness and kindness are acquired through [...]

Petition to ban archaic/unscientific procedures during medical examination for sexual assault

Posting an email sent  by Sana [CEHAT] Greetings from CEHAT! As you must be certainly aware, the 'Delhi Gang Rape Case' has drawn some attention to the role of health systems in responding to sexual assault and rape. In this light, some of us - CEHAT, Human Rights Watch, and academics from JNU - have [...]

Not silence but Verse: Call for poetry against Violence

It's violence against women (VAW) awareness month, and Prajnya  is calling you to submit poetry Send us original, powerful, evocative poems in English, Hindi or Tamil (Haikus or Tankas only!) on the theme ‘No Violence, No Silence’ Last date for submissions: 10 November 2012 Email us: prajnya.16days@gmail.com (Download the .pdf version of the call here.) [...]