Video of the talk Telemedicine Policies and Standards in India

Dr. Gowri Kulkarni addresses doctor attitudes and components of practicing telemedicine, Jasmine George of Hidden Pockets speaks of patient experiences, experiences with seeking sexual and reproductive health online and access to safe abortions using telemedicine. Everything I said is reproduced and augmented in an earlier post on telemedicine policies in India. Here I will point […]

The ultimate guide to telemedicine policies and problems in India

This post originally appeared on Karana’s blog , this iteration has a TOC, more references and has been edited to make things clearer. Many of these updates especially the footnotes were due to Dr. Verghese Thomas’s comments. Introduction This post builds on the questions that were raised in the talk: Telemedicine Policies and Standards in India , […]


I heard the term “outercourse’ for the first time in college. We were in a consultation room and in walks a resident to discuss a case with the prof. He says “sir patient has done outercourse and wants to take ipill”. The prof gave him a lecture about how you don’t have to discuss every […]

Morality, reason and Porn-gate (impressive title, eh?)

Three ministers in Karnataka’s legislative assembly resigned today following a TV expose  showing them watching a porn clip in the assembly. While the MLAs were defensive at first and claimed that they were doing research, their resignations and the multiple inquiries that have been ordered seals their fates. Opposition MLAs and the media has painted […]

How to get your book banned in India: a step by step guide

If you are an astute observer of the world like I, whatever your religious or ideological affiliation, one thing is obvious: getting your book banned is great for sales. Lets face it, book-writers are an impoverished lot. Few of them (us?) manage to get any royalties and fewer still can live off them. In the […]

The Cathartist replies to Pervocracy on Consent culture

Molly, the author of Pervocracy a fantastic blog about sex, BDSM, and feminism, featured Consent Culture recently. She talks about how consent is the standard/default behavior we need to work towards. The post is thought provoking. While we know that consent is a great way to equalize the sex equation, we still havent found ways on how […]