Shrek Comments and I reply. On Religon/Secularism

A reader “Shrek” posted a fantastic comment in response to my last post. It also brings up some things I should elaborate on, so I have quoted parts the comment and added my replies/explanations to it. In response to  “They know nothing about Muslims” It is seen (empirical observation- can’t vouch, don’t have data) that […]

What if Tebow were Muslim: Indian Edition

Tim Tebow is an American football player who made news because he knelt and prayed before a game. He was made fun of by night show hosts and other liberal media outlets tried to point out the Christianizing of sports. We have a very different set of values than the US. We believe in live and let live. If an Indian player makes a public display of his faith, very likely it would be talked about in a respectful way.

Book Review- Transforming Capitalism by Arun Maira

[dropcap style=”3″]T[/dropcap]he last decade has seen a rise in philanthropic businesses and big businesses investing in the society. The worldwide depression brought on by the wall street, stricter laws about environment, and the rise of laws about corporate social responsibility have contributed to this. There is also a growing awareness among businesses large and small […]

Let us make things better: the “Indian medical doctors on the web” survey

I am doing a survey. Do you know how many Indian medical doctors who use the Internet blog? well, no one does. Neither do we know how many of us are students, how many are on twitter and how many talk about work online. We most definitely do not know if any of us follow […]

Top Criminals in Indian Hospitals

Image by murplejane Ten years inside hospitals gives you a great instinct to pick out criminals. Oh yes, there are a lot of them in the hospitals. Here are the greatest offenders and how to deal with them. The Poor: They can’t afford the services, yet they come. They never do what we ask them […]

Personal names around the world and their Implications in Web design

W3 has an interesting paper on personal names and the problems that arise with the west-centric design of web forms, databases and more. Names form one of the basic components of any information storage and exchange on the web. From Comments on blogs to filing your tax returns, there is no escaping the centrality of […]