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  • Shrek Comments and I reply. On Religon/Secularism

    A reader “Shrek” posted a fantastic comment in response to my last post. It also brings up some things I should elaborate on, so I have quoted parts the comment and added my replies/explanations to it. In response to  “They know nothing about Muslims” It is seen (empirical observation- can’t vouch, don’t have data) that […]

  • What if Tebow were Muslim: Indian Edition

    Tim Tebow is an American football player who made news because he knelt and prayed before a game. He was made fun of by night show hosts and other liberal media outlets tried to point out the Christianizing of sports. We have a very different set of values than the US. We believe in live and let live. If an Indian player makes a public display of his faith, very likely it would be talked about in a respectful way.

  • Concluding remarks- Hitler’s faith

    This is the second part and conclusion of Hitler’s faith and the church, you can read part one here.[click] Darwin’s theories were new, radical and changed the world and shifted many an equation. They resulted in new thinking, great advances in science and towards a greatly improved understanding of the world. They also lead to […]

  • Hitler’s Faith and the Church’s Contribution to Nazi Rule

    This is a two part article/essay examining the role Christian institutions and Hitler’s personal faith played in the various events that lead to the Holocaust