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Have started working for a company called 4B Healthcare. Am exploring the concepts of social enterprise and what role the market or a for profit model has in Healthcare for the poor or healthcare as a whole. my main outlet is the  Healthcare as Social Enterprise blog, courtesy, the company.
Some of the new posts there are

The question of whether a hospital can be self sustaining, high quality, affordable, and poor centric all at once is a knotty one.

Will using a For-profit model cause the company to drift into a money hungry monster most of the present day corporate hospital chains are?

Is the philosophy transferable on to a realistic business plan?

Can the business plan actually work?

will creating such a hospital system actually help the poor in a long term, meaningful way?

Obviously, I dont have all the answers, and while I believe in the idea fiercely and the people behind it are personal heroes, some things only time can tell. Oh, dont worry, the business plan exisits, a good one that too, and so far, it seems to be working quiet well.

for now, to make better sense of what i have been saying, perhaps you should head over to the site to get a picture of the philosophy and workings of 4B healthcare

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