Ignorance, Drunkenness or Racism?


At the pub yesterday: I am nursing my glass of  Belgian beer,  Latin rap (yes, it exists) is playing in the background.

Caucasian male sitting next to me, to the bar tender: “Whats this music? its kind of offensive, don’t you have The Rolling Stones or something?”

Bartender: “I’m sorry but the theme for today  is Latin, so I can’t change it”

Caucasian Male: “Hey, I’m Latino, in fact, (points at me) I am more Latino than this guy”.

Me: “I’m from India”.

Caucasian Male: “What’s that?”

3 thoughts on “Ignorance, Drunkenness or Racism?”

  1. thats not racism, people can get offended too easily these days…
    thats just pure stupidity wrapped up in drunken ignorance, or ignorant drunkeness,
    I’ll let you choose cause you were there…

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