Cover page of the Constitution of Indiaa

The Preamble to the Constitution of India
The Preamble to the Constitution of India
Satyameva Jayate- The national emblem the four lions
The national Emblem Of The republic of India
First Page of the Constitution of India
First page of the Constitution of India
Signatures of some of the Founding fathers on the Constitution
Signatures of some of the Founders of the Constitution of India

Images are from a scanned copy of the Photolithographic reproduction of the original constitution of India. Courtesey World digital Library


This book is one of 1,000 photolithographic reproductions of the Constitution of the Republic of India, which came into effect on January 26, 1950, after being approved by the Constituent Assembly on November 26, 1949. The original of this elaborate edition took nearly five years to produce. It is signed by the framers of the constitution, most of whom are regarded as the founders of the Republic of India. The original of the book is kept in a special helium-filled case in the Library of the Parliament of India. The illustrations represent styles from the different civilizations of the subcontinent, ranging from the prehistoric Mohenjodaro, in the Indus Valley, to the present. The calligraphy in the book was done by Prem Behari Narain Raizda. It was illuminated by Nandalal Bose and other artists, published by Dehra Dun, and photolithographed at the Survey of India Offices.

Calligrapher: Narain Raizada , Prem Behari
Contributor: Ambedkar, Bhimrao Ramji (1891-1956)
Illuminator: Basu, Nandalāla (1883-1966)

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  1. Can I by the photolithiographic copy of THE INDIAN CONSTITUTION ? If yes …
    From wher I bye this ?

  2. great collection bt please reveal the controversy of original copy of our constitution. Where is it???

  3. well its good but don’t u think u should have done better and should upload some more pics!!!

  4. I am proud of my bharat or our costitution. They are gives many right. You show more images of this book.

  5. I think the real copy of constitution of India is not in India.There is information that real copy of Indian constitution is kept in library of congress at Washigton dc.We Indian should investigate about the real copy of constitution of India.our government should tried to take back the original copy of Indian constitution from LIBRARY OF CONGRESS.

  6. Our constitution of India is the longest hand-written “Constitution” of any independent nation of the world, This was Calligraph by SHREE PREM BEHARI NARAIN RAIZADA of Delhi. written by holder & nib, (303 no. nib) For this calligraphy purpose Govt. of India allot him a room in “Constitution House” where Shree Prem ji complete this prestigious work for the country. Shree PREM BEHARI JI did not charge any fee for this work.

    Shree G.Mavlankar (first Speaker of India) said in his letter ” I must mention that he did the work merely for his love of Art & his country, without any demand or expectation even of remuneration. He deserve thank and encouagement”
    Note:- I can provide & upload various Photographs & letters given by First President of India. I am his nephew. My contact is &
    All are welcome for more enquiries.

  7. कृपया संविधान में मूल रूप से प्रकाशित चित्रों कि इमेजेस भी दिखाइए !
    ऐसा हमें बताया गया है कि जब संविधान कि रचना हुए थी तब सारी
    ड्राफ्टिंग के साथ साथ हमारी सांस्कृतिक विरासतों को दर्शाने वाले कई
    चित्र ,सुभाषित ,बोध वाक्य ,घोष वाक्य आदि भी भावी पीढ़ी के लिए शामिल
    करते हुए कवर पृष्ठ आदि पर शामिल किये जा कर अधिकृत रूप से
    प्रकाशित किये गए थे !वो सहज दिखाई नहीं देते !
    कृपया इन्हें भी संग्रहीत कर दिखाएँ तो बड़ी सहायता होगी !

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