Introducing What’s Up Doc? A column at

I am giddy with glee to announce that I will be writing a monthly column about the practice of medicine and related issues at eSocialSciences, a “region-focused repository and a new and yet evolving publication space for easy and quick dissemination of scholarly work that can be a space for discourse among researchers, policy makers and the civil society.”

This month’s column is about communication and medicine. Medicine is all about good communication, they say, yet, very little is said or taught in most medical schools about how to be good at it. Do read and comment.

“Be nice to patients”: Communication and Practice of Medicine.

Medical school began with a series of “introduction to medicine” lectures. One of them was on communication, taught by the same professor who introduced us to medical ethics.


In the medical ethics class, through a case-discussion, she impressed upon us the need for being non-judgmental when dealing with patients. She did a fantastic job, considering she had just one 45 minute lecture. Her lecture on communications, though, is a blur. In my defense it was 11 years ago and I remember her parting words very well. When we told her after the lecture that there was just one session on communication and this clearly needed more sessions she said “I’ve been telling them, but who listens to psychiatrists?”


Doctors and other healthcare professionals, I would love to hear more from you about this, and related topics. Do comment.