Jalliyanwalla Bagh Mein Vasant: A poem by Subhadra Kumari Chauhan

April 13th 1919, Amritsar, the city was celebrating Baisakhi a traditional festival on which people celebrate the beginning of the harvesting season by congregating in community fairs. Unfortunately the biritsh had passed martial law in most of punjab expressly forbidding the meeting of more than 5 people. About 2000 people were packed in the garden [...]

The curious case of the hypersexual homosexual

Bullshit! Ya right! Liar,! funny, “so gay”, “inner beauty, alright” That's the typical reaction I get if I show people this quote. Q:how did you first realize you were straight? A:around the time I started recognizing my sexuality, I realized that I felt a deep emotional connection with the opposite sex. I discovered that I [...]

Are Rapists Victims?

There seem to be a serious confusion in the minds of our leaders and the common man alike about who is responsible for rape, the victim or the rapist. Things are so confusing that some even wonder if the poor rapist isn't a victim of the crime of “incitement”. “You can't blame the locals; they [...]

Compulsory HIV testing; Violating or protecting Human rights?

On October 9th the Parliamentarians' Forum on HIV/AIDS (PFA) declared that HIV testing will be made mandatory for all pregnant women. They said that passing HIV from mother to child was a human rights violation and that for a generation that is free from HIV, this needs to be done. Making the test compulsory raises [...]

From the Archives: The New East India Company

Published on The Blog Of Dysfunction on September 18 2008 Indians of any background should have reason enough to celebrate their historical or cultural association with Nagarjuna's penetrating philosophical arguments...Maitreya's searching questions, Carvaka's reasoned skeptisism, Aryabhattas astronomical and mathematical departures, Kalidasa's dazzling poetry, Sudraka's subversive drama, Abdul fazal's astounding scholarship.. or Ravi Shankar's and Ali [...]

Stuff I linked to from twitter last week

http://is.gd/3vA6c Project gaydar, MIT project tells you if your facebook friends prove you gay http://sivers.org/drama Kurt Vonnegut explains drama Indian youth are the most hopeful and happy in the world. http://is.gd/3ukPF My moms not going to like this. http://is.gd/3sgk Very tough law, hope India doesn't pass: France Passes Tough Internet Piracy Bill http://bit.ly/1701Jy Rediscovered a [...]

Unnatural Affections?

The unknown and the different have always evoked strong reactions from people. Perhaps there is an evolutionary imperative in being wary of all that is alien. Of all the “strange” socio-cultural phenomenons to create waves in the past 30-40 years, nothing matches the gay rights movement in its perseverance and success. Yet, inspite of all [...]