Social Network ; A review and some sociology

Why then is this movie important?  It is important because it chronicles not so much the technological revolution, but the desperate need for connectivity, for social networks on the part of millions of people, both in America and elsewhere in the early 21rst century. It aptly diagnoses the desperation of the young, the desperate need to be wanted, to be liked, to be ‘friended’.  In a world that lacks love, people will settle for ‘like’ or even just ‘connection’.  But when socializing and even sex becomes just ‘connectivity’ it has been cheapened and trivialized out of all recognition.  It has turned something beautiful into something sad and tawdry, and meaningless.  The paradox chronicled in this movie is in a world of ever increasing connection, there seems to be less and less real love.

Ben Witherington’s review of the Facebook movie. ‘Let’s Face It’– “Social Network” is stimulating.

A story about the founders of the social-networking website, Facebook. Who would pass a chance to keep in touch with long lost friends? But what is it that drives people to display their friendships- traditionally a private affair, for all the world to see is something worth thinking over. I doubt that all of social networking can be attributed to a desire to be loved, but familial bonds and community support is nothing like it used to be.  Keeping that in mind, looking outside families and communities for support is not surprising.

Other reasons why facebook and social networking is so popular are

1. People are capital, the number of friends on FB, the number or and quality of connections on linkedin etc point toward your social worth.

2. Information is capital – it has now become absolutely necessary to keep up with the world.  If you are not “in the know” then you are not important/cool/hip anymore.

3. Everyone is an expert We love showing off our expertise, be it in selecting the best youtube video for our friends or posting the best limerick. On facebook, we have something of a captive audience, and posting cool stuff goes a long way to building our street cred.

4. Connecting with people is fun! let us not be too cynical and technical, I certainly enjoy knowing what my friend in the Netherlands is up to, even if don’t actively stalk her profile.

What do you say?

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