Kind words

Help from unexcpected places Kind words from a stranger often touch and comfort you more than those from a friend. If you are on twitter or similar online forum, you’ve probably told your followers about your sorrows and joys. And if you are like me, you’ve been surprised at how deeply total strangers seem  happy for you when something great happens and mourn with you when something goes wrong.

I have wondered why this is so. What makes a stranger empathise with you more than your best friend?

Maybe it is because what you want and often get, from strangers, is momentary and strong emotions, when your best friend is trying to give you what you need, which might be a kick on your backside.

Maybe it is because you hold  people close to you to a higher standard, and don’t expect much from strangers.

Maybe you are blind to all that people who love you are doing.

Maybe it is because it is easier to say “hugs” than hug.

I’ll be back when I have answers, but what do you think?

The wonderful Image is by By Jose Téllez