Take home messages for Indian activists from KONY2012

As far as metrics go, Kony 2012 was a success. some 10 million people have watched the video and I don’t know of another social justice issue that so many people have heard of, let alone watched a half hour movie on.

As far as the production goes, KONY2012 was a job well done. I don’t have the metrics for how many people watched it the whole 30 minutes, but even if half the total number did, they did because the movie was made well, it was gripping and reportedly moved millions to tears.


If all publicity is good publicity, there never has been a better justice campaign like KONY2012. The white house has taken notice, as have governments in many places.

Also, if the age-metrics of Youtube are taken into consideration, a remarkable number of young minds have been made aware that young children like them are living in awful conditions in this world and that they can, and should do something about it.


It was discovered that people closely associated with KONY 2012  have also been instrumental in arming the present regime, which is as despotic as Kony was.

The campaign turned out to have a specific political aim, which it disguised as a human rights issue.

It fed the white savior industrial complex and hid a lot of information that would have caused people to think and be better informed.

It lead to nothing more than ‘awareness”. Kony is still free, and will be for the forseeable future


Success or failure, it is worthwhile to learn something from Kony

People care about other people

People can be manipulated easily

For something to go viral, you need to do a lot of background work, call it creating a tribe.

If your message lacks a call to action and a way to act, it will eventually be forgotten

You might be successful at manipulating emotions, but it is likely to come back to haunt you.

Kind words

Help from unexcpected places Kind words from a stranger often touch and comfort you more than those from a friend. If you are on twitter or similar online forum, you’ve probably told your followers about your sorrows and joys. And if you are like me, you’ve been surprised at how deeply total strangers seem  happy for you when something great happens and mourn with you when something goes wrong.

I have wondered why this is so. What makes a stranger empathise with you more than your best friend?

Maybe it is because what you want and often get, from strangers, is momentary and strong emotions, when your best friend is trying to give you what you need, which might be a kick on your backside.

Maybe it is because you hold  people close to you to a higher standard, and don’t expect much from strangers.

Maybe you are blind to all that people who love you are doing.

Maybe it is because it is easier to say “hugs” than hug.

I’ll be back when I have answers, but what do you think?

The wonderful Image is by By Jose Téllez