Bullshit! Ya right! Liar,! funny, “so gay”, “inner beauty, alright”

That’s the typical reaction I get if I show people this quote.

Q:how did you first realize you were straight?
A:around the time I started recognizing my sexuality, I realized that I felt a deep emotional connection with the opposite sex. I discovered that I had a deep attraction towards their inner beauty.

Now, consider these:

…from what iv heard abt gays is that they are purely attracted towards men sex­u­ally and that seems to be the decid­ing fac­tor in them being gay

This comment comes from a well meaning friend with religion-based objections to homosexuality, and is a milder form of a widespread false about homosexuals, made clearer by these quotes:

“they can hardly have a spiritual life with a whole lot of craving in their head”

“you mean gay but otherwise asexual?”

Both the people quoted ultimately believe that homosexuals are characterized PURELY or mainly by sexual attraction, which is not, in essence, different from believing that they are hyper-sexual.

If the opening comment is fake, or unrealistic, does that make an average heterosexual purely interested in sex all the time? Or if it is “gay” does that not mean that you think “gay” means “emotional/soft-brained”

Is it not only fair, that the same standards that are used to evaluate and characterize heterosexuality be applied to homosexuality? Have you ever paused to think that?

If I realized I was heterosexual when i started noticing breasts, how is it hyper-sexual of my friend M to be attracted to cute (male) butts?

In case the comparison was not obvious, let me put it in a sentence. Heterosexuals are identified by sexual attraction, so are homosexuals. Therefore to infer from that alone that they are interested only in sex is logically inconsistent. Given that homosexuality is not a sexual aberration or disease.

I am going to be lenient here and say that perhaps many heterosexuals and conservatives have this false belief because it is never put in perspective, so this should clears all doubts.

Who am I fooling, there is one, deeper, reason why this belief is so wide spread. And that is that homosexuality is unnatural, and unless one is willing to admit that there exists such an underlying religious belief, no amount of explaining is going to help. Nevertheless, being a great believer in education, I asked some of my homosexual friends how important emotion was to their sexuality, here are some quotes.

Me: What do you expect in a partner?

He: ideal is a myth. but if there exists one with these… characters.. id give it a shot. kind, generous,animal lover, vegetarian, long faced, long —-, etc etc. lol.

if you’d take into consideration the straight man. .. he sees his friends get married to women, come to work, go home, have sex, make babies etc. such an example doesnt exist in homosexuals. rather it does exist, it is not brought to the fore. so we are labeled as unnatural and sex driven.

Me: Envision your perfect partner, how important is the sex appeal?

He: yes, sex appeal is important… but not “the” deciding factor.

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and a good friend, in response to the comments on my earlier post

I want someone who’ll love me. I still dream of love, marriage and kids [twin girls :-)]. I dream of a day when my parents will accept me and realize that I still am the same person. I dream of a small house with a little garden and a labrador named Phoebe. The only difference is that we’ll get ‘His and His’ towels for Christmas.

If you still have a small voice in your head saying, “but they are more interested in sex than us” I hope you have realized what the problem is; you have made up your minds and will not be confused by facts. Face it, you think “gays” are an aberration, and accept it openly, no shame in that, people are entitled to their opinion. Do yourself a favor, do not assail me with clams of being objective and scientific, and then hold on to your delusions.

In case you are wondering what this natural unnatural debate is, head here to see what I have written earlier. [link]

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