Video of the talk Telemedicine Policies and Standards in India

Dr. Gowri Kulkarni addresses doctor attitudes and components of practicing telemedicine, Jasmine George of Hidden Pockets speaks of patient experiences, experiences with seeking sexual and reproductive health online and access to safe abortions using telemedicine.

Everything I said is reproduced and augmented in an earlier post on telemedicine policies in India. Here I will point to the discussion by Dr. Gowri (GK) and Jasmine George (JG)

1:50 — History of telemedicine in India ( GK)

5:40 — How telemedicine became so prominent due to Covid and how reproductive health issues were handled. Provider and patient perspective — (JG)

12:00 — How have doctors responded to telemedicine? Fears, expectations etc. (GK)

38:00 — How does one deal with the nuances of consent via telemedicine? (GK, JG, AP) This part is very important, and the discussion bring out a lot of the complexities involved in informed consent and technology, and the national health stack.

56:24 — Negotiating privacy and safety in crisis helplines and abortion and reproductive health (JG)

58:00 — Is this the future? What can Telemedicine do and not do? –(GK, JG)

1:07:00 — Unethical practices in clinical medicine now, why they exist and the future — (GK)

1:12:00 — The changing nature of the social contract with doctors, and the need for change in practices — (JG) A vital point here being made by Jasmine, she speaks of how instead of the tort approach, we need positive laws keeping stakeholders in consultation.

1:15:20 — Challenges in scaling telemedicine — (GK)